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So lately we've been watching another BBC program on Netflix.  It's called Rosemary and Thyme and is about two women, Rosemary and Ms. Thyme, who solve murder mysteries.  Rosemary is a botanist and Thyme is a retired constable.  After Thyme separates from her philandering husband she partners with Rosemary who is soon sacked from a university position to do contract gardening and consulting work.  While designing and working on the gardens of usually wealthy clients there is inevitably a grisly murder committed which the two of them proceed to summarily solve.

Sam and I saw the description of this show a while back and thought it might be interesting to watch, so we filed it away in our memories.  Not too long ago CD asked to see it because she had watched some episodes while house-sitting for a friend and wanted to see more.  It was clear enough that we were all interested in checking it out, so we did.  I have to admit I wasn't that open to it at first because that day I was getting a bit sleepy and a murder mystery seemed a little dense and hard to stay awake too (I probably should have gone to sleep).  Despite a sort of rocky personal start though I've gotten really attached and involved with the subsequent episodes we've watched.  I think we're about three episodes in out of the six available.

I get involved trying to figure out who's done it.  It's hard for other shows to get me mentally involved beyond acknowledging what's on the screen; but this show does a great job of giving my brain some things to mull over instead of just glazing over.  The characters make it really easy to get involved as well.  Rosemary is straight-forward interesting.  She has a lot of information to put out there as well as being the one who usually puts the logical spin on things.  There's also this wonderful spin on her character though; she is knowledgeable and confident, but when confronted with "accidentally" overhearing something she is deliciously awkward.  Her reactions near slapstick quality.  Thyme on the other hand is more intuitive.  She doesn't mind gossiping and taking in anything and everything people say as possible truth.  She has a son who works for Scotland Yard and occasionally asks him to "check out" possible suspects as well.  Where Rosemary is matter-of-fact, Thyme is a bit more scattered but usually a little closer to the truth.  The two characters play off of each other very well.

I've grown a bit attached to the classic Murder, She Wrote television show and enjoy it a lot.  It's one of the few murder mystery shows I actually enjoy.  Having said that, I can say honestly that Rosemary and Thyme has a similar charm and wit.  It's a shame Netflix only has six episodes to offer.


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