Aug. 10th, 2011 08:26 am
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It was a cool desert night.  The day had been scorching hot and the temperature shift was more than welcome.  As he was sitting there on his porch a light Breeze swept across him like a thin sheet.  Closing his eyes he took in the moment, weighing the polarity in place between the daytime and nighttime.  When he opened his eyes again he gazed at the Moon above, veiled thinly by a saran wrap layer of clouds.  It was enough to muffle the sheen but not the Moon herself.  She seemed like a Window, opening and closing slowly as the month rolled by.  This night he was going to peer into that Window.

The man went around to the other side of his house to find his ladder.  After clearing some overgrown weeds he was able to set it up.  It didn't seem like it would be high enough until he had climbed to its limit.  As he came to the final step another materialized before him.  With each step a new one came before him.  The Wind greeted him warmly with a cool blanket sweeping gently yet persistently across his body as he climbed.  It was difficult to tell whether the determination was his own or whether it had come in the form of his new path.  Step by step he got closer to his goal, the bright Window at the top of his stairs.  She beckoned him with a bright glow in the wake of paper thin clouds. 

Finally he met his goal and found a spot to sit at the sill.  Peering through the Moon he could see that which he could not before.  A series of roads converged and came apart again while the Wind which had buffeted him earlier came to a halt.  Suddenly a figure appeared in the middle of the crossroads, his loose clothing blew though there was no wind.  The Window grew brighter than she had been before and then dimmed suddenly.  Another figure appeared in the crossroads, this one with bright white hair.  The two mysterious figures embraced, then turned to the man who climbed the ladder.  They beckoned him to join them on their path.  He just watched, not understanding what the figures wished of him.  The man leaned against the side of the Window closing his eyes to think.  Suddenly he felt the Wind kick up again and he lost his balance.  When he opened his eyes he was back on his porch, and his ladder was overgrown with weeds.


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